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Israel vows to continue Gaza attacks despite US threat to halt weapons shipment

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said the Israeli forces will continue their attacks in Gaza in spite the U.S. threat to halt some weapon shipments. Netanyahu in a public speech posted today on his official X account, said “no amount of pressure” will stop Israel from “defending itself” and “If Israel is forced to […]


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said it is “not evacuating” eastern Rafah after Israel’s military urged residents to leave parts of Gaza’s southernmost city. In a statement on Monday, UNRWA said it “will maintain presence in Rafah as long as possible and will continue providing lifesaving aid to people.” […]

Mass arrests made as protests over War in Gaza spread across US universities

Protests over the war in Gaza have taken hold in some prominent universities in the US, as security officials make prompt arrests to defuse the demonstrations. Police moved to break up an encampment at New York University (NYU) on Monday night, making a number of arrests; Dozens of students were arrested at Yale earlier in […]

Israel accused of killing Iranian generals in Syria

ran's Revolutionary Guards say seven officers have been killed in an Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate building in Syria's capital, Damascus

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say seven officers have been killed in an Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate building in Syria’s capital, Damascus. Brig-Gen Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander of the elite Quds Force, and Brig-Gen Mohammad Hadi Haji-Rahimi, his deputy, were named among the dead. Iran and Syria’s governments condemned the attack, which destroyed […]

US President Joe Biden hopes for ceasefire in Israel-Gaza war

The Egyptian foreign minister said “the world is witnessing the most heinous crimes” against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, adding that the war there has exposed double standards in the approach to crises around the world. Sameh Shoukry made the remarks at the session of Human Rights Council in Geneva, stressing the need for […]

Israel’s Netanyahu rejects Hamas’s proposed ceasefire terms

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected Hamas’s proposed ceasefire terms – saying “total victory” in Gaza is possible within months. He was speaking after Hamas laid out a series of demands in response to an Israel-backed ceasefire proposal. Mr Netanyahu said negotiations with the group were “not going anywhere” and described their terms as […]

Israel Probes Claims That Traders Knew Of Hamas Attack In Advance

Israel says it is investigating claims that some investors may have known of Hamas’s attack on Israel before it took place on October 7. An academic study suggests investors betting against the Israeli economy may have made large sums. Researchers found significant short-selling in the run-up to the attacks. Short-selling is when investors try to […]

Israel Hopeful Of Hamas Deal To Release Hostages In Coming Days

The Israeli ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog, says he is hopeful a deal for the release of a significant number of hostages will be reached “in the coming days”. Herzog told newsmen that “serious efforts” were being made, but that the fewer details he revealed, “the better the chances of such a deal”. Qatar, […]