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Mayowa, also known as Mayowa Mula is an actor, voiceover artiste, broadcaster, writer and producer. Born and raised in Lagos, he has four siblings and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a certification in English for Journalism from the University of Pennsylvania. He’s also a trained Broadcaster from the National Broadcast Academy, Nigeria. He has created his own podcast called Man to Man with Mayowa which has notable men on the show as guests and has hosted events as well as tv shows including the ‘Onga Foodie Master’ for multinational brand Onga Seasoning. He has appeared in several tv movies such as Along Bordering Lines, The Spell, Never Saw It Coming, amongst others and also made his screen production debut with a short film titled ‘The Little Things’, which has received positive reviews. His interests include – film and television production, books, music, food and fashion. He is known for his charming and fun personality. Mayowa also has the moniker Fresh Prince of Benin, a twist on the popular Fresh Prince of Belair, which is his favorite sitcom.