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Yemi Alade Performs at the Opening Ceremony of AFCON


January 15, 2024

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade delivered a performance at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations on Saturday.

The singer expressed that performing at the AFCON opening ceremony was a “dream come true” in a tweet on her X account on Thursday. She revealed her desire to perform at football ceremonies dates back to 2016.

Yemi Alade emphasized the significance of prayer and manifesting one’s heart desires, stating, “I cannot stress enough the importance of prayer and speaking into existence your heart desires.”

“Since 2016, I have yearned to perform at the stadium for football ceremonies surrounded by hundreds of dancers and millions of people.

A lot of calls came in almost every year when football championship preparations were made, but none were favorable.

I never said this, but at some point, I started feeling like my team was chasing them away, but something told me to let them do their job.”

“7 YEARS AFTER, I’M PERFORMING AT AFCON. IT’S INDEED AN HONOUR, A DREAM COME TRUE ❤️ and it’s just the beginning!! God bless my team and most especially Jehovah; the captain of my ship that never fails.”