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Tesla Recalls 2 Million Cars In US Over Autopilot Defect


December 14, 2023

Tesla is recalling more than two million cars after the US regulator, following a two-year investigation into crashes, found its driver assistance system, Autopilot, was partly defective.

The recall applies to almost every Tesla sold in the US since the Autopilot feature was launched in 2015, but while an automatic software update “over the air” to fix the issue has been promised, owners are not required a visit to a dealership or garage.

Meanwhile, the UK Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency said it was not aware of any safety issues involving Teslas in the UK, noting that cars sold in the UK are not equipped with all of the same features as cars in the US.

Autopilot is meant to help with steering, acceleration and braking – but, despite the name, the car still requires driver input.