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Young Thug’s YSL RICO Case Attorneys Faced Contempt Threats For “Professionalism”


April 19, 2023

In the ongoing YSL RICO case involving Young Thug, attorneys Anastassios Manettas and Eric R. Johnson, who are defending Miles Farley and Christian Eppinger, got into a fight with the judge. After Manettas declined to provide lunch for each of the attorneys involved in the case, Glanville threatened them with jail time for contempt of court. In addition, he gave them a 17-page essay to write on “the importance of professionalism” and “treating one’s opponents with respect.”

Glanville reiterated the need of professionalism to the court before the day was through. “It has been brought to my attention that some of you at various times have gotten cross purposes with our court personnel. And this falls under the general category of professionalism and our obligations as counsel. Do not provide extra items in contravention of the things that our deputy have told you,” the judge said. “On a basic level, folks, all of us are still subject to the rules to include the court. So please don’t put yourself cross purposes with the court.”

The most recent occurrence happened after one of the trial’s attorneys gained notoriety on social media on Monday for referring to the judge in court as “cap.” It is anticipated that the complete case will set a record for the lengthiest criminal trial in Fulton County history. The jury selection process is currently in its third month, and according to experts, the actual trial should last at least nine months. It has been suggested that the time commitment is contributing to the challenge of obtaining a jury.