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Women leading isn’t a Nollywood problem- Director Editi Effiong


January 29, 2024

The Black Book director Editi Effiong has commented on the issue of women making decisions in the Nigerian film business.

In a clip he shared on X from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, he was asked how to get more Nigerian women into top directing and production roles during a panel discussion.

In response, he brought up the record-breaking film A Tribe Called Judah, which had recently been released by Funke Akindele, and the heights it had reached. “We are trying to get more men in the industry,” he stated. Those circumstances are reversed for us.

Funke smashed her own record in 2021, again in 2022, and again in 2023 with her last movie. Thus, she is the number one, two, and three most grossing Nigerian movies. Another female is at number four, and there’s another girl at number five.”

Effiong went on to say in the comments section that there are other issues facing the Nigerian film industry and that it is best to avoid taking on the problems of other nations. “The main idea is to avoid taking on other people’s issues.

The issue isn’t with Nollywood. This is not our concern; we have other difficulties. There are already many female directors and producers in Nollywood. Women run the’studios’ in the majority,” he remarked.

Taking place right now in Utah, USA, the Sundance Film Festival brings together audiences and creators of original stories in search of new voices and viewpoints. It will end on January 28, 2024, having started on January 18.

In its 2023 edition, the event included performances by Black and White Indigenous Epic Mami Wata, among others.