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UK Tightens Visa Requirements To Reduce Regular Migration


December 5, 2023

In an effort to reduce frequent migration, the UK Home Secretary has unveiled a new set of regulations. The new visa regulations will also make it tough for UK health and social care workers to enter the country with dependent family members.

The existing £26,000 threshold will be raised to £38,700.

It also suggests that if a UK citizen marries a non-UK citizen, their spouse or partner won’t be allowed to relocate to the UK until they make £38,700.

Cleverly claims that these regulations will result in a yearly decrease of 300,000 migrants. He also confirmed restrictions on international students bringing dependents and that Britain would raise the surcharge that migrants pay to access the NHS by 66%, to £1,035.

These regulations are thought to have something to do with Office for National Statistics data that indicated 745,000 more individuals entered Britain in 2022 than departed.