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Uganda on alert as IS-linked militants cross border from DR Congo


March 20, 2024

Ugandan security forces have heightened their vigilance following reports that fighters affiliated with an Islamic State-linked group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), entered the country over the weekend. 

The army has warned of potential attacks by ADF militants in urban areas, places of worship, schools, and public events, urging the public to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to ADF terror.

The ADF has a history of carrying out deadly attacks in Uganda, with notable incidents including an attack on a school last June. Despite joint efforts by Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) to drive the ADF out of their strongholds in Congo, the group’s attacks have persisted.

President Yoweri Museveni has previously declared success in reducing the ADF’s numbers, claiming to have eliminated a significant portion of the group’s fighters and commanders. However, recent attacks attributed to the ADF, including the killing of a honeymooning couple and a tour guide in a national park last October, indicate the ongoing threat posed by the group.

The security forces are working to counter the potential threat posed by the ADF and are calling on the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.