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Uganda Considers Bill to Criminalise Identifying as LGBTQ


March 10, 2023

A bill has been tabled in Uganda’s parliament that would criminalise anyone identifying as LGBTQ+. If passed, they would face jail terms of up to 10 years, as would those engaging in same-sex relations.

The law would ban the funding or promotion of LGBTQ+ activities and jail landlords who rented premises to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The bill will be scrutinised by a parliamentary committee before it is tabled before the house again for debate. There has been rising anti-gay sentiment in Uganda and neighbouring countries in recent weeks.

Activists are concerned that this could lead to mob attacks on anyone suspected to be gay.
In 2014, the country’s constitutional court nullified the anti-homosexuality act, which had toughened laws against the LGBTQ+ community.

Same-sex relations are banned in about 30 African countries.