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Travis Scott’s Show At The Pyramids Of Giza Is Officially Cancelled


July 27, 2023

The scheduled performance by Travis Scott at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt has been formally postponed. Even though the news is undoubtedly disappointing, it is not entirely unexpected. The program was reportedly halted last week because Egyptian authorities believed it may “[tamper] with the societal values, customs, and traditions of Egypt and the Arab world.” However, Live Nation’s announcement regarding the cancellation refers to “production issues” as the driving force instead.

They said in a statement, “We regret to inform you that the UTOPIA show, originally scheduled for July 28th at the Pyramids of Giza is cancelled, unfortunately, despite highest efforts, complex production issues meant that the show could not be constructed in the desert. We understand that this news is disappointing and not the outcome any of us desired.” Live Nation then went on to assure fans that they’d be receiving refunds for any tickets they’ve purchased, apologizing for the inconvenience”.