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Toyin Abraham Sets a New Record as ‘Malika’ Closes in on ₦300 Million Gross


January 23, 2024

Toyin Abraham, a Nigerian filmmaker, has achieved a new milestone with her latest release, “Malaika,” surpassing the box office earnings of her previous production, “Ijakumo.”

According to a report issued on Monday, January 22, 2024, by the Cinemas Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), “Malaika” raked in ₦10.9 million over the weekend (January 18-21, 2024), pushing its overall earnings to ₦283,352,445.

The recent record indicates that within just one month of its release, “Malaika” has exceeded the earnings of the 2022 film “Ijakunmo,” which concluded its theatrical run with a total gross of ₦278,496,384.

“Malaika,” currently being screened in cinemas nationwide, and “Ijakunmo,” available for streaming on Netflix, are closely competing for positions on the list of the highest-grossing Nigerian movies. “Malaika” currently holds the 10th spot, while “Ijakunmo” is at the 11th spot.

Leading the chart is “A Tribe Called Judah,” which has approached ₦1.5 billion in earnings despite experiencing a decline in revenue throughout the year. It maintains its position as the highest-grossing Nigerian movie ever, with a current local gross of ₦1,350,028,330.