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The Game Releases Fierce Eminem Diss Track, ‘The Black Slim Shady’


August 12, 2022

The Game has released a scalding Eminem diss track titled “The Black Slim Shady”. The track which comes of the Compton rapper’s new album, Drillmatic: Heart Vs. The Mind, which is out in the U.S. today (August 12). The over 10-minute tongue lashing begins with a skit centered around an Uber driver who’s been tasked with driving Game to a mysterious location in Detroit, although it’s “somewhere near 8 Mile.”

Game later discovers the driver is the brother of Stan, the fictional die-hard Eminem fan who dies at the end of the Detroit rapper’s 2000 hit “Stan.” “Hey yo, I really fuck with that Starter cap; that shit hard as fuck,” Game says, to which the driver responds: “Crazy story behind it. My brother Stan, rest in peace, he gave me this hat 22 years ago. It’s my favorite.” Game asks to see the hat, which he realizes is autographed by Eminem. The driver goes on: “He used to be like this rap god, but that’s when I was little. I don’t really like his new stuff.”

Throughout the song, Game continues to take jabs at nearly everything in Eminem’s life — from his ex-wife Kim Mathers and daughter Hailie to his white skin and addiction struggles. “Ask Dre, all I got is my word, my dick and my MAC-10,” he spits. “One thing you can never have is my muthafuckin’ Black, skin/ This ain’t no suit that I wore, this ain’t a mansion to hang a plaque, this ain’t no stupid award.”

From there, Game goes into the same cadence as Eminem’s Oscar-winning hit “Lose Yourself” with: “So oh, he goes platinum and oh, I’m on the ‘Math with him/ He got all the Blackest friends, he wants to be African, me/ Left for dead on the Doctor’s Advocate/ Dre never executive produced it, I just imagined it.” Game later claims Big Sean is the biggest rapper in Detroit and is adamant he’d rather listen to “Snitch9ne” than Slim Shady any day of the week.“You’re a Karen, call the cops,” he raps. “Tell ’em there’s a Black man with a Glock and he’s got a cock/ And the tattoos on his face is a star and a teardrop […] I know you fiendin’ for a Dr. Dre base hit/ How ironic, an addict in a basement. You never understood ebonics or a cadence.”

Eminem’s alleged six-month relationship with Mariah Carey is fair game, too, and the Compton native manages to tie her ex-husband Nick Cannon and 50 Cent into the verse. “But since Curtis always do, let him write the rhymes for you,” he continues. “Tell him to clip the wings on my butterfly tatt’ and force ’em back in the cocoon/ Now does he still rap or did he have a change of heart too?/ The chick on the show wasn’t pickin’ me and Mariah wasn’t pickin’ you/ So the cannons is blam-blammin’ and if it jam then I unjam it/ And wipe down my stripper pole with the hair grease from your bandana.”

Toward the end of “The Black Slim Shady,” Game confesses he kidnapped Stan’s brother to carry a hit out on Eminem, but he concludes: “Your fans want a Rap God/ Well fuck it, I’ma give ’em one/ I came to put Slim in a box, but he already live in one.”