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Vladmir Putin Secures Another Six-Year Term with Win in Russian Presidential Poll

Vladmir Putin Secures Another Six-Year Term with Win in Russian Presidential Poll

Vladimir Putin has secured another six-year term as Russian president, exit polls showed Sunday. The victory paved the way for the 71-year-old hardline former spy to become the longest-serving Russian leader in more than 200 years. After the win, Putin told reporters that Russia must make its army stronger and that the ‘noon against Putin’ […]

Sweden set to join NATO after Hungary approves bid

Sweden has cleared its final obstacle to joining NATO after Hungary’s parliament ratified the bid in what Sweden’s prime minister called a “historic day”, while other alliance members expressed relief at the move spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday that Sweden would make the alliance “stronger and safer” while […]

Zelensky Heads To The US To Try To Rescue $60bn Package

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is going to Washington D.C, to try to rescue a threatened US defence package to Kyiv worth billions of dollars. The aid has become embroiled in US domestic, partisan politics. It will be Mr. Zelensky’s third visit to the US since Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, voting for the […]

Russian Court Bans ‘LGBT Movement’

Russia’s Supreme Court has declared what it calls “the international LGBT public movement” an extremist organisation and banned its activities across the country. The ruling was prompted by a motion from the justice ministry, even though no such organisation exists as a legal entity. The hearing was held behind closed doors, but reporters were allowed […]

Putin Threatens to Retaliate with Cluster Bombs if Ukraine Uses U.S. Weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to retaliate with cluster bombs if Ukraine uses U.S.-supplied munitions against his forces. Putin said in a video clip released by Russian state TV on Sunday issued a warning to Ukraine not to deploy the largely internationally outlawed cluster munitions that were shipped recently by the United States. Cluster munitions […]