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Top 99 Nigerian Songs of 2023


December 31, 2023

Photo by Vanguard Nigeria

1. Davido FT. Musa Keys – Unavailable: Davido teams up with Musa Keys in this melodious track, blending Afrobeats and Amapiano, creating a catchy tune.

2. Burna Boy – City Boys: Burna Boy’s entrancing vocals and captivating beats make “City Boys” a standout anthem, reflecting the essence of city life.

3. Asake – Lonely at the Top: Asake delivers soulful vibes in this introspective track, exploring the complexities of success and solitude.

4. Spyro FT. Tiwa Savage – Who Is Your Guy Remix: Tiwa Savage joins Spyro in a remix that seamlessly merges their unique styles, creating a catchy and dynamic hit.

5. BNXN FT. Kizz Daniel & Seyi Vibez – Gwagalada: BNXN collaborates with Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez, delivering an infectious rhythm celebrating the vibrant spirit of Gwagalada.

6. OdumoduBlvck – Declan Rice: OdumoduBlvck presents an energetic track named after the English footballer, blending Afrobeat sounds with dynamic lyrics.

7. Asake FT. Olamide – Amapiano: Asake and Olamide unite in an Amapiano-infused track, combining their talents for a dance-worthy tune.

8. Davido – Feel: Davido’s emotive vocals shine in “Feel,” a captivating track that highlights his versatility as an artist.

9. Rema – Charm: Rema delivers smooth vocals in “Charm,” showcasing his unique sound and undeniable charm.

10. Victony X Don Toliver, Rema & Tempoe – Soweto: Victony collaborates with Don Toliver, Rema, and Tempoe, creating an eclectic blend of rhythms in this captivating track.

11. Asake – 2:30: Asake’s “2:30” exudes an infectious energy, blending Afrobeat rhythms with catchy hooks that keep listeners grooving to the vibrant tune till the early hours.

12. Shallipopi – Obapluto: Shallipopi’s “Obapluto” is a rhythmic Afro-fusion track that captivates with its blend of compelling beats and engaging lyrics, showcasing the artist’s versatile style.

13. Ayra Starr – Sability: Ayra Starr’s “Sability” is a soulful track with mesmerizing vocals, offering a blend of vulnerability and strength through emotive storytelling.

14. Omah Lay – Reason: Omah Lay’s “Reason” presents a melodious mix of Afro-fusion, delivering a soul-stirring narrative with captivating beats that resonate deeply.

15. Rema – Holiday: Rema’s “Holiday” boasts energetic beats and catchy melodies, inviting listeners to an exhilarating musical journey filled with infectious rhythms.

16. Flavour – Game Changer (Dike): Flavour’s “Game Changer (Dike)” is a dynamic Afro-highlife track that celebrates triumphs and elevates spirits, featuring signature highlife sounds.

17. Burna Boy – Big 7: Burna Boy’s “Big 7” is a powerful track showcasing his unique style and lyrical prowess, delivering a message of resilience and empowerment.

18. Adekunle Gold ft. Zinoleesky – Party No Dey Stop: Adekunle Gold’s collaboration with Zinoleesky results in a lively party anthem, blending energetic beats with catchy hooks that keep the celebration going.

19. Tiwa Savage FT. Young Jonn, Ayra Starr – Stamina: Tiwa Savage collaborates with Young Jonn and Ayra Starr in “Stamina,” a high-energy track that merges Afrobeat sounds with captivating vocals.

20. Victor Thompson X Ehis D Greatest – This Year: Victor Thompson and Ehis D Greatest join forces in “This Year,” delivering an uplifting anthem filled with hope and motivation for the future.

21. KCEE – Ojapiano: Kcee’s energetic fusion of Afrobeats and piano rhythms sets the mood for a vibrant, dance-worthy track that blends traditional sounds with contemporary vibes.

22. Crayon FT. Ayra Starr – Ngozi: Crayon collaborates with Ayra Starr in a melodic fusion, weaving their vocals over catchy beats, creating a soulful tune celebrating love and appreciation.

13. Tems – Me and You: Tems’ soul-stirring vocals paired with soothing instrumentals deliver an emotive track reflecting on relationships, encapsulating a serene yet captivating atmosphere.

24. Joeboy – Body and Soul: Joeboy’s crooning vocals paired with compelling lyrics create a romantic anthem blending Afro-pop rhythms, making it a heartfelt, soulful melody.

25. Young Jonn – Aquafina: Young Jonn’s beats sync perfectly with Aquafina’s catchy lyrics, resulting in an infectious tune filled with high energy and addictive rhythms.

26. Shallipopi X OdumoduBlvck – Cast: Shallipopi and OdumoduBlvck fuse Afrobeat and hip-hop, delivering a powerful song with hard-hitting lyrics and a captivating rhythm.

27. Mohbad – Ask About Me: Mohbad’s lyrical prowess shines over an energetic beat, presenting a bold and confident track that demands attention.

28. Asake – Basquiat: Asake’s poetic lyrics and mesmerizing beats take listeners on an introspective journey, combining Afrobeat with thoughtful storytelling.

29. Shallipopi – Elon Musk: Shallipopi’s creative wordplay paired with energetic beats creates a catchy, electrifying track that celebrates success and ambition.

30. Magnito FT. Olamide & Wizzy Flon – Canada Remix: Magnito’s collaboration with Olamide & Wizzy Flon offers a lively remix boasting impressive wordplay over upbeat rhythms, bringing new life to the track.

31. Khaid – Jolie: Khaid’s smooth vocals over melodic beats create a dreamy track, blending R&B and Afropop, perfect for chill vibes and romantic moments.

32. Davido – Away: Davido’s signature style shines in this upbeat track, delivering catchy hooks and lively beats that invite listeners to groove along.

33. Adekunle Gold – Ogaranya: Adekunle Gold’s soulful voice paired with captivating instrumentals creates a nostalgic yet refreshing track, celebrating affluence and success.

34. Young Jonn – Sharpally: Young Jonn’s production expertise shines through this track, offering an energetic tune with infectious beats.

35. BNXN – Pray: BNXN’s reflective lyrics and captivating melodies create a soulful track that resonates with heartfelt emotions.

36. Kizz Daniel – Shu-Peru: Kizz Daniel’s vibrant track combines Afrobeat rhythms with catchy lyrics, offering an upbeat and groovy vibe.

37. Blaqbonez – Like Ice Spice: Blaqbonez delivers an electric track with witty wordplay over dynamic beats, offering a fusion of rap and Afrobeat.

38. Davido FT. Asake- No Competition: Davido’s collaboration with Asake results in an energetic, confident track boasting catchy hooks and engaging rhythms.

39. Ckay FT. Blaqbonez – Halleluyah: CKay’s collaboration with Blaqbonez offers an uplifting tune with infectious beats, creating an anthem of celebration.

40. Tiwa Savage – Pick Up: Tiwa Savage’s soulful vocals blend seamlessly with captivating instrumentals, creating an emotional track about love and longing.

41. Burna Boy FT. Seyi Vibez – GIZA: Burna Boy collaborates with Seyi Vibez in “Giza,” offering a mesmerizing blend of Afrobeat rhythms and soulful vocals that create a captivating and danceable track.

42. Olamide FT. Asake – New Religion: Olamide’s collaboration with Asake, “New Religion,” presents a powerful fusion of indigenous sounds and contemporary beats, showcasing the artists’ versatility and distinctive styles.

43. Lojay – Moto: Lojay’s “Moto” is a vibrant Afrobeat track with infectious melodies and compelling rhythms that ignite a fiery energy, making it an instant hit for those seeking an exhilarating musical experience.

44. Zinoleesky – Personal: Zinoleesky’s “Personal” offers a catchy and melodic tune, blending relatable lyrics with captivating beats that resonate with listeners on a personal level.

45. Kizz Daniel – My G: Kizz Daniel’s “My G” delivers an upbeat and catchy tune, blending catchy hooks with his signature style, making it an anthem for friendship and loyalty.

46. OdumoduBlvck FT. Wale & Bloody Civilian – Blood On The Dance Floor: OdumoduBlvck collaboration with Wale & Bloody Civilian, “Blood on the Dance Floor,” delivers an electrifying fusion of Afrobeat and hip-hop elements, creating a pulsating track perfect for the dancefloor.

47. Shallipopi – Ex Convict: Shallipopi’s “Ex Convict” is a compelling track that narrates a story of resilience and transformation, blending poignant lyrics with engaging beats.

48. Mayorkun – Lowkey: Mayorkun’s “Lowkey” is a smooth and melodious track that captivates with its soothing vocals and relatable lyrics about love and romance.

49. Davido FT. Fave – Kante: Davido collaborates with Fave in “Kante,” delivering a melodious tune with infectious rhythms and engaging melodies, showcasing the artists’ harmonious chemistry.

50. Ayra Starr – Rhythm And Blues: Ayra Starr’s “Rhythm and Blues” is a soulful and emotive track that showcases her versatile vocals and artistry, immersing listeners in a captivating musical journey.

51. Fireboy DML – Yawa:** Fireboy DML’s “Yawa” presents a melodic and emotionally charged track, blending his captivating vocals with heartfelt lyrics, creating a resonating narrative of love and its complexities.

52. Joeboy – Duffel Bag: Joeboy’s “Duffel Bag” offers a catchy and upbeat tune, delivering infectious beats and infectious melodies, portraying a narrative of success and aspirations.

53. Olamide – Jinja: Olamide’s “Jinja” is a high-energy track infused with Afrobeat rhythms and electrifying beats, igniting a vibrant and danceable atmosphere.

54. Rema – DND: Rema’s “DND” provides a hypnotic and melodic tune, blending unique vocals with a laid-back rhythm, creating an immersive and introspective experience.

55. Pheelz FT. Young Jonn – Jelo: Pheelz’s collaboration with Young Jonn in “Jelo” offers a dynamic fusion of Afrobeat and Amapiano sounds, creating an infectious and groovy track perfect for the dancefloor.

56. Olamide – Gaza: Olamide’s “Gaza” is a powerful and energetic track that showcases his rap prowess, delivering hard-hitting verses and intense beats.

57. Minz FT. BNXN & Blaqbonez – Wowo: Minz collaborates with BNXN and Blaqbonez in “Wowo,” offering a catchy and melodious track that blends vibrant rhythms and engaging lyrics.

58. Shallipopi – Oscroh: Shallipopi’s “Oscroh” is a vibrant track filled with energetic beats and lively instrumentals, creating an exhilarating and immersive musical experience.

59. Kizz Daniel – Twe Twe: Kizz Daniel’s “Twe Twe” delivers a catchy and rhythmic tune, blending captivating vocals with lively beats, making it a delightful and enjoyable track.

60. Boy Spyce – Folake: Boy Spyce’s “Folake” is a smooth and melodious track that captivates with its soothing vocals and infectious rhythm, delivering a soulful experience.

61. Davido – Over Dem: Davido’s “Over Dem” presents an energetic and vibrant track with infectious beats and catchy hooks, delivering an upbeat and lively listening experience.

62. Asake – Sunshine: Asake’s “Sunshine” offers a melodious and uplifting tune, blending soothing vocals with breezy rhythms, creating a feel-good track perfect for brightening any mood.

63. Young Jonn FT. Olamide – Currency: Young Jonn collaborates with Olamide in “Currency,” providing a groovy and danceable track infused with Afrobeat vibes and captivating lyrics.

64. Pheelz – Yolo: Pheelz’s “YOLO” offers a rhythmic and catchy tune that combines engaging beats with playful lyrics, creating an entertaining and infectious track.

65. Victony – My Darling: Victony’s “My Darling” delivers a soulful and emotional track, showcasing heartfelt vocals over a melodious rhythm, creating a poignant listening experience.

66. Young Jonn – Go Hard: Young Jonn’s “Go Hard” presents an energetic and dynamic track, blending powerful beats with lively instrumentals, delivering an invigorating listening experience.

67. Victony FT. AV – Jaga Jaga: Victony collaborates with AV in “Jaga Jaga,” offering a compelling and socially conscious track with powerful lyrics and engaging rhythms.

68. Rema – Smooth Criminal: Rema’s “Smooth Criminal” provides a slick and suave tune, blending smooth vocals with captivating beats, creating a magnetic and alluring track.

69. Asake – Remember: Asake’s “Remember” delivers a nostalgic and heartfelt track, combining poignant lyrics with soulful vocals, evoking emotional connections.

70. Lojay FT. Olamide – Arizona: Lojay collaborates with Olamide in “Arizona,” offering an infectious and lively track that fuses Afrobeat and dancehall rhythms, creating an exhilarating listening experience.

71. Burna Boy – Tested, Approved & Trusted: Burna Boy’s “Tested, Approved & Trusted” exudes confidence and authenticity, blending rich vocals with vibrant beats, celebrating his resilience and artistry.

72. Poco Lee FT. Kizz Daniel – Unleash: Poco Lee collaborates with Kizz Daniel in “Unleash,” delivering an energetic and dynamic track that ignites the dance floor with catchy rhythms and lively beats.

73. Qing Madi FT. BNXN – Ole: Qing Madi and BNXN present “Ole,” offering a captivating blend of Afro-fusion and hip-hop, featuring compelling verses and a contagious rhythm.

74. Wande Coal FT. Olamide – Kpe Paso: Wande Coal teams up with Olamide in “Kpe Paso,” offering a vibrant and infectious track that fuses Afrobeat vibes with catchy hooks and irresistible beats.

75. Seyi Vibez – Hat-Trick: Seyi Vibez’s “Hat-Rick” delivers a catchy and melodic tune, combining smooth vocals with rhythmic beats, creating an engaging and immersive listening experience.

76. Adekunle Gold – Do You Mind: Adekunle Gold’s “Do You Mind” offers a soulful and heartfelt track, showcasing emotional lyrics and heartfelt vocals that resonate deeply with listeners.

77. Zlatan FT. Young Jonn- Astalavista: Zlatan collaborates with Young Jonn in “Astalavista,” presenting a high-energy track filled with lively beats and catchy verses that make it a surefire crowd-pleaser.

78. Crayon FT. Yaba Buluku Boys – The One: Crayon collaborates with Yaba Buluku Boys in “The One,” offering a vibrant and captivating tune featuring infectious rhythms and playful lyrics.

79. Blaqbonez FT. Jeriq – Nyem Ego: Blaqbonez teams up with Jeriq in “Nyem Ego,” delivering a dynamic and bold track with captivating verses and a compelling fusion of hip-hop and Afrobeat.

80. Mohbad FT. Bella Shmurda – Pariwo: Mohbad and Bella Shmurda present “Pariwo,” offering an energetic and catchy tune filled with contagious beats and engaging melodies.

81. Falz FT. Flavour & OdumoduBlvck – Ndi Ike: Falz collaborates with Flavour and OdumoduBlvck in “Ndi Ike,” a vibrant fusion of Afrobeat and highlife that showcases powerful vocals and energetic beats.

82. Nasboi FT. Wande Coal- Umbrella: Nasboi’s “Umbrella” offers an infectious track with an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, delivering an enjoyable blend of Afro-pop and dancehall vibes.

83. Flavour – Big Baller: Flavour’s “Big Baller” presents a captivating tune with rich highlife melodies and catchy rhythms, portraying a celebratory vibe and energetic feel.

84. Johnny Drille – Believe Me: Johnny Drille’s “Believe Me” is a soul-stirring ballad that showcases emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics, resonating deeply with its sincerity and vulnerability.

85. Majeeed FT. Tiwa Savage – Gbese: Majeeed collaborates with Tiwa Savage in “Gbese,” delivering an upbeat Afrobeat track filled with infectious rhythms and lively beats.

86. Khaid – Jara:** Khaid’s “Jara” offers a melodic and rhythmic track, blending catchy beats with smooth vocals, creating an engaging and enjoyable listening experience.

87. Mohbad – Peace And Beast: Mohbad’s “Peace and Beast” presents a high-energy tune with bold verses and a compelling fusion of rap and Afrobeat elements.

88. Ruger – Tour: Ruger’s “Tour” offers an energetic and catchy track filled with vibrant beats and dynamic rhythms, showcasing his versatility and captivating style.

89. Zlatan FT. OdumoduBlvck – OGANIGWE: Zlatan collaborates with OdumoduBlvck in “Oganigwe,” delivering an energetic Afrobeat-infused track with catchy hooks and lively verses.

90. Tekno – Peace Of Mind: Tekno’s “Peace of Mind” presents a soothing and melodious tune, blending catchy beats with reflective lyrics, delivering a calming and introspective vibe.

91. BNXN – Pidgin & English: BNXN’s “Pidgin & English” is a vibrant track that seamlessly blends pidgin and English lyrics over an infectious beat, delivering a catchy and relatable tune.

92. Bella Shmurda FT. Tiwa Savage – NSV: Bella Shmurda collaborates with Tiwa Savage in “NSV,” presenting an upbeat Afro-fusion track that combines dynamic rhythms with impressive vocals.

93. Wizkid FT. Zlatan ibile – IDK: Wizkid and Zlatan Ibile join forces in “IDK,” a captivating tune featuring catchy melodies and rhythmic beats, showcasing their distinctive styles.

94. Teni – No Days Off: Teni’s “No Days Off” offers an empowering anthem filled with energetic beats and motivational lyrics, reflecting her determination and drive.

95. Patoranking – Abobi: Patoranking’s “Abobi” delivers an Afro-dancehall vibe, combining pulsating rhythms with catchy hooks and engaging lyrics.

96. Phyno FT. Burna Boy – DO I REMIX: Phyno collaborates with Burna Boy in “Do I Remix,” a captivating track that blends rap and Afrobeat elements, showcasing their lyrical prowess and unique styles.

97. DJ Neptune FT. Joeboy – Mumu: DJ Neptune and Joeboy team up in “Mumu,” a feel-good track with catchy melodies and rhythmic beats that invite listeners to dance along.

98. Mr Eazi – Panadol: Mr Eazi’s “Panadol” presents an Afrobeat-infused track filled with lively rhythms and infectious hooks, creating an enjoyable and dance-worthy tune.

99. Spyro FT. Simi – Only Fine Girl REMIX: Spyro collaborates with Simi in the “Only Fine Girl Remix,” offering a melodious track with sweet vocals and catchy rhythms that resonate with listeners.