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South Korea Bans the Production and Sale of Dog Meat


January 11, 2024

South Korea’s parliament passed a historic ban on the production and sale of dog meat, as calls for the ban grew amid concerns over animal rights and the dog’s international image.

Recent surveys show that more than half of South Koreans want a ban on dog meat and a majority no longer eat it, although it is a centuries-old practice on the Korean Peninsula. 

The bill will make the slaughter, breeding and sale of dog meat for human consumption illegal from 2027 and punishable by two to three years in prison.

Eating dog meat is neither explicitly prohibited nor legalized in South Korea. It has long been considered a source of endurance during hot summer days. 

Many breeders of older dogs are willing to close their operations if adequate financial compensation is given to them, due to the extremely negative public image of their profession.