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Police Detain Mr. Ibu’s son, Adopted Daughter for Fraud


January 26, 2024

 The Nigerian Police, through its Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Ikoyi, Lagos State, has arrested Oyeabuchi Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu for allegedly conspiring and defrauding Mr. John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, of N55 million.

In a press statement on Thursday, the FCID disclosed that they acted on a petition from Diamond Waves Law on behalf of Mr. Ibu’s wife, Stella, alleging that the actor’s sons, Onyeabuchi and Valentine Okafor, along with his adopted daughter, Jasmine Okekeagwu, conspired to defraud Mr. Ibu.

The FCID revealed that Onyeabuchi and Jasmine manipulated Stella, took possession of Mr. Ibu’s phone, and hacked into the banking details, transferred N55 million from the donations, and planned to escape from the country after a sham marriage.

The police said N50 million has been recovered from the suspects, and they have been charged with conspiracy and stealing at the Chief Magistrate’s Court 1, Yaba, but granted bail, while the case had been adjourned to March 11, 2024.