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Liam Neeson Rejected James Bond Role Because Of His Wife


February 23, 2023

Neeson was offered the James bond role but his wife made a decision on his behalf.

When Barbara [Broccoli] called me a few times to inquire about my interest in “Schindler’s List,” I responded, “Yeah, I would be interested.” Then, as we were filming “Nell” in the Carolinas, my darling wife Natasha Richardson, God rest her soul, said to me, “Liam, I want to tell you something: If you play James Bond, we’re not getting married.

She offered me a James Bond ultimatum, Neeson continued. She truly did mean it! Come on, look at all those stunning girls getting in and out of bed in different nations. It was probably a major factor in her decision-making, I’m sure! It appears that Neeson’s affection for Richardson outweighed his desire to portray the legendary action actor.