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Kai Cenat Prepares Legal Action Against OnlyFans Model Layla Red Over Alleged Private Image Leak


April 16, 2024

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat finds himself embroiled in a legal battle against OnlyFans model Layla Red following allegations of the unauthorized release of private images and messages. 

The controversy erupted after Layla Red purportedly shared conversations that allegedly showed Cenat agreeing to pay $5,000 for sexual services, resulting in her Instagram account suspension.

Addressing the unfolding situation during a recent Twitch stream, Cenat remained composed as he assured his viewers of his intention to address the matter through legal channels. 

Despite the gravity of the allegations, Cenat exuded confidence, displaying a calm demeanor as he discussed his plans to pursue legal recourse. “There is some dumb shit, clout-chasing weird ass shit going on right now bro. But it’s alright though, it’s alright chat. I’ll see you in court,” he declared to his audience.