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Joke Silva wants Government to invest into Nollywood to encourage Filmmakers


February 7, 2024

Joke Silva, a seasoned Nollywood actress, has urged the federal government to make sure that domestic filmmakers have simple access to capital for their projects.

Silva made the call on Tuesday in Lagos while chatting with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“Over the years, filmmakers have found it difficult to access funds to produce films, a development government needs to wade into to encourage filmmakers,” she stated.

She states that the Bank of Industry (BOI) is primarily responsible for providing funding to filmmakers, but new channels ought to be established.

“We shouldn’t have to overcome excessive obstacles to obtain funding for film production; the current barriers are too onerous. In order to prevent depletion of the source, efficient methods for returning the funds need also be developed.

The government should prioritise making sure the money is recovered rather than always considering charging exorbitant interest rates. Filmmakers should understand the need of returning these funds so that others can use them, in my opinion.

“There should also be a place for grants for the creative industry that will give a soft landing to filmmakers, this is needed because it is important that businesses get expanded in the creative space,” she said.

Silva noted that to further support the creative sector, government must work on enhancing distribution for cinemas and theatrical exhibitions.

“There are various things that will help distribution of stage plays, to take cinemas round the country will warrant seamless road travels. Can the federal government assist with buses and security to take works round the country?

“Government should be able to help the creatives to produce and run their work for longer duration, because it is when works are run for long that the producer generates much revenue,” she said.

The actress advised colleagues on the need to collaborate in view of the current economic situation in the country.

“In the creative sector, we need to consider methods that will keep us afloat while the government and the economic team are making every effort to keep our economy afloat.

Four practitioners can work together to put resources together, something that two practitioners would typically have done.

“By collaboration, we will be spreading our net wider, that is the way actors will probably earn more.”