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Ghana Parliament Passes Tough Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill


February 29, 2024

Ghana’s parliament has approved a stringent new bill that imposes harsh penalties, including prison sentences of up to three years, for individuals identifying as LGBTQ+. 

Additionally, forming or funding LGBTQ+ groups can result in a maximum five-year jail term under the new legislation. Attempts to replace prison sentences with community service and counseling were met with opposition from lawmakers.

This development reflects a growing opposition to LGBTQ+ rights in the conservative West African nation. The bill garnered support from Ghana’s two major political parties and awaits President Nana Akufo-Addo’s signature to become law. Akufo-Addo had previously indicated that he would sign the bill into law if it aligns with the wishes of the majority of Ghanaians

It’s important to note that gay sex is already illegal in Ghana and carries a three-year prison sentence. Amnesty International has expressed concerns about the bill, warning that it poses significant threats to the fundamental rights and freedoms of LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Activists fear that the legislation could lead to witch-hunts against LGBTQ+ community members and their advocates, forcing some to go into hiding to avoid persecution.