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Dababy Puts Burna Boy’s ‘Last Last’ In Tailspin With Rapid-Fire Freestyle


November 7, 2022

DaBaby is proving that he’s still one of the best in the game with a hot freestyle over the beat for Burna Boy’s “Last Last.”

While traveling through Rochester, New York on his tour bus, DaBaby was asked if still believed he was the best rapper. The Charlotte rapper quickly responded with a quick verse after hearing “Last Last” — which samples Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me” — come over the speakers.

“You know it’s Baby n-gga/ Aint the type when n-ggas get to hatin’ to let it faze me n-gga/ They gone have to show me every time and aint no playing with me/ When they put the switch e’re now and then you know it’s staying with me,” he raps.

From there, DaBaby spits some more scorching-bars where he boasts that there’s not another rapper on the scene that can compare to him before ending the verse and asking if anybody had his chapstick.

When Da Baby is not sharpening his freestyle skills, his likeness is being used in video games. After hearing his “Let’s go” ad-lib come from his daughter’s iPad, he noticed she was playing a game where his head is depicted as a car trying to dodge oncoming traffic.

“Look at what my daughter’s end up playing man,” DaBaby said in an Instagram post. “Go head though. Who the fuck made this game? And where I get my money at? This game got my head as a car, it got my head from the side as a car. It’s like this with some wheels on it.”
The Charlotte rapper wants those behind the game to run him his money. “Somebody owe me some money bruh,” he said.

On the music side, DaBaby released his latest album Baby On Baby 2 on September 23, which was his first official project since BLAME IT ON BABY, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2020.

His latest sold around 16,000 total album-equivalent units, debuting outside the Billboard 200’s Top 20 for the first time in his career. After the album did not perform as well as his previous efforts, DaBaby took it all in stride. “Not bad for DaBlackBalled Baby,” he wrote to his Instagram Story back in September.

To promote the album, DaBaby announced his Baby On Baby 2 Tour, which commenced on October 27 in Minneapolis. Other stops on the tour include Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York, Boston, before ending in Los Angeles, California on November 19.