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Beyoncé releases two new tracks and teases her upcoming album, “Act II.”


February 12, 2024

Beyoncé has released the first two tracks from her upcoming album, Act II, and revealed details about it.

In a Verizon Super Bowl commercial that debuted during tonight’s (February 11) game, the celebrity tried a number of “firsts” in an attempt to demonstrate her ability to disrupt the internet provider’s service. “Drop the new music,” she said as the commercial came to a close.

Moments later, a video was posted to Beyoncé’s Instagram, announcing the upcoming release of ‘Act II’. The clip showed her driving a taxi with the license plate “Texas HOLD’EM” as a yodelling song played on the radio. The video continued to show local people gathering in front of a billboard with an illustration of the star and the same words on her license plate.

The superstar also dropped two brand-new singles: “16 Carriages,” which has a slower, softer, but no less country feel, and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” which has a banjo twang. She sings on the latter, “I got love to create / I got art to make.” “They won’t dim my light on this holy night.”

The singer’s new sound confirms fans’ speculations that she was working on a country album. March 29 is when “Act II” will debut.