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‘AY is not my friend’ Says Basketmouth


April 11, 2023

Basketmouth recently confirmed his relationship with AY during an interview on ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast. During the interview he said;

 Just to set the record straight, number one, AY is not my friend. We have never been friends. I’ve never visited his house. I’ve never personally invited him to my house. I never ever called him, but one day I said, ‘O boy, where you dey make we hang out?”

” He said, “90 percent of all he said are lies, in fact I’m still in shock and all my friends are laughing at me because they warned me to be careful of him.

“AY is not my friend and I didn’t invite him or his wife to my wedding. I have never visited him or invited him to my house and you will never find a picture us standing together on social media”, he added.

Although after the recent claims of not having a picture together with AY,fans took to twitter by digging a picture of them together.

Earlier this year, AY revealed during an interview with Chude Jideonwo that an unpaid sum of ₦30,000 led to the issue between them.

AY said; “In 2006, Basketmouth usually had multiple wedding gigs on Saturdays’. So what he used to do at that point in time was to attend one, and at a point, leave the venue to catch up in the other venue, and then he would need someone else to stand in for him. That was the opportunity one got, of which I’m very appreciative to date

“Now, one of the gigs that I got his endorsement to go stand in on isUsually, what we get at that time is 30,000, and 30,000 at that time was everything to me. I got this job, and the people weren’t too happy to see me because they were expecting

Basketmouth to come, but the guy was later happy after my performance. There was an exchange of contacts. Then I left.

“Two weeks later, I haven’t seen 30K. Because I didn’t see the 30K and I was starving, I decided to ask for 30K, and he said this person hasn’t remitted, this person hasn’t paid, and then I was like, but this person said he was impressed and happy? Me, I don’t care if you give Basketmouth 100k for the job, but my 30k is my 30k.”