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For those who grew up here sure you remember what ‘change your style means’…lol and for the ‘I just got backs’, sure the phrase ‘Mannequin challenge’ works. But hey we all sha know about the trend that has taken over social media for a while now. To fulfil all there is to the act of communication, it would be right to provide a definition anyway so here goes:


A Mannequin Challenge is a viral video craze featuring people imitating mannequins and freezing for the camera while music plays in the background…yeah! Now you know. Apart from the location and the casts/participants of a mannequin challenge, another thing that makes it stand out would be the poses struck by the participants and so it would be technically correct to say that like Yoga, a mannequin challenge can also put one’s physical strengths and stability to test.


But then, out of curiosity have you for a second thought about what it would mean if an aspect of your life remained frozen in time for a few minutes? Or if one moment in your life today is placed on standstill for a few minutes? Maybe that moment when your Boss is about to hand you your letter of Promotion and his hand stays frozen on the letter with the words barely on his lips…I bet you would almost have a nervous breakdown from anticipation.


Some would want to pick moments with a loved one, amazing moments that they would want to last a little longer than they actually did and it would be alright too. However if a button was to be pressed now, freezing us all in this time and place and moment, would we even want to stay a minute longer? For many, the awesomeness would be in the fact that they would be unfeeling, thus happy to escape from their worries and pain and fears and doubts to just have a moment of nothingness.


It would be nice if we could take a soul searching journey into our deepest darkest parts in search of what lies within. The year 2016 is just about winding down, so how has the journey been so far? How many times did you have to make a stop? Are you where you want to be? Has the year being for you all you expected it to be? Can you actually look at where you began January 2016 and say to yourself right now that it was worth every monthly while? How high were the highs and just how low did the lows of this year take you?


There is no such thing as ‘time up’ or ‘too late’ as long as you are alive and breathing and so you still have time for one quick mannequin challenge. One that challenges you to stop whatever you are doing and focus on that one moment you would so much want to fix. Right now, you still get about 24/25 days to freeze all the doubts and fears and uncertainties that has plagued you all year long.


I would really want my mannequin challenge to be about freezing every disappointing moment in my life this year, and for each I would want to spend a minute being grateful to God for another chance to fix me…but like I love to say, this is never about me. It is about You! So what would your mannequin challenge be? Would it have a theme like your career, family, relationship, spirituality?


So yeah! Enough of You tube and Instagram posts. Yes we have seen the creative, the awesome, the good, the bad and the downright ugly versions of this challenge and so it is time to challenge yourself, it is time to look ‘you’ in the eye and try to mannequinically challenge your life and dare yourself to fix you by freezing that one moment you really want to fix and you would probably find out how much longer you can hang in there, how much longer you have to make things right before your future gets ruined by a time in the past.


Don’t go calling me a spoiler because I mean no harm. All I am saying is life can be a lot more fun and living easier if we can only inculcate all we do in ways that not only benefits social media but in ways that benefit us directly…Your mannequin challenge today is you…now let me see how many hits you would get on your own life.


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