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t was ‘Juju on the beat’ for a while and Boy did a lot of us find the moves fascinating…lol. I really don’t know what inspired this particular song when they (Zayion McCall and Zay Hiligerrr) came up with it and like someone pointed out ‘this song is just a joke’. But then, whatever you think about the song right now wouldn’t really count as ; the song was released, it caused a buzz on social media especially Instagram, with a gazillion compilations showing different interpretations of this particular song.

So well, yeah the world has shared in Zayion McCall and Zay Hiligerrr’s ‘juju on the beat’ and it has been one ride of rather interesting moves but I didn’t come here to discuss dance moves and trends, I am here to find out what is actually on your beat? What is that one thing playing in your heart on auto repeat? That one desire or dream that has been so tuned to your heart beat that all you hear when you shut your eyes is the clawing need to do this particular thing?

Dreams like a lot of things in life come in colours and this is not about secondary colours like violet and pink and beige and indigo, that aren’t permanent or that are a mixture of this and that. I actually mean primary colours like red, blue, yellow, those dreams that may be your ‘on the long run dreams’. That plan you have archived in your retirement armoury waiting for the perfect time to unleash. This piece today is solely about future plans and aspirations. This could be linked to your career, relationship, family, anything at all.

Now for those who have never thought about this, who are probably basking in naïve thoughts of living for each day and not for tomorrow, well, wake up and smell the smoking hot coffee filling the cup of reality before you. Pinch yourself if you must, give yourself a cold hard stare in the mirror if it helps you see just how close reality seems to be, it is right in front of you, begging you for acknowledgement before it is too late.

Ever heard the phrase ‘It is better now than never? Sure you have. So do not wait until you are 50. You don’t have to get on with it right now, I mean how do you get on with a dream or a plan when you have none right? We would definitely have to clap before we dance. Give yourself a moment, shut your eyes, take a deep breath and write the first thing that comes to mind. Okay, I can almost hear someone say ‘total black out’…lol…

Perhaps a more practical approach would be asking yourself one of the most common interview question which would be ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years’? If shutting your eyes for a moment did nothing, this would most certainly get you thinking, even if it means telling yourself this was an interview you couldn’t flunk because the truth is you can fail at anything but not ‘life’. Failing an exam means a resit, failing a job interview means a reapplication but failing on your life means…I really can’t find the words.

Other aspects of life means you have to be alive to actually realize you have actually failed at them. But with life you have be dead to realize you have failed. Yeah…I know…so can you now see why it is important not to fail at this one thing? So how do you not fail at your own life? The answer is ‘planning’. Having a plan for tomorrow, giving yourself the opportunity to take a real shot at this thing called ‘the future’.


The least you can do for yourself is to make sure that when the time eventually comes, the time when your bones are too old to scroll through your computer screen and your arthritic legs are too weak to move, that point where all you have is your rocking chair and the movie of your life playing on your aging mind screen, that time when you most certainly can’t remember ‘juju on the beat’, that point when reminiscence is all that gets you going, wouldn’t you rather your life was ‘lit’?


Maybe a lot of guys and girls were lit on you tube, doing the ‘juju on the beat’ move, it wouldn’t matter in the end. None of this will if your life wasn’t lit! So the one way to have your life lit is having a plan for it and like some of us know, being lit isn’t so great if you don’t stay turnt up!...lol! So get your life lit with a plan for your future and turnt that plan up by taking baby steps in the direction of your plans today!...’ your dreams on the beat’.


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By Maureen Alasa.

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