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Ebuka has opened up about the death threats he received during and after the Big Brother Naija show; Pepper Dem edition. He spoke about his ordeals in an interview with Toolz and Nadine on the Midday Show.


After being placed under oath by Toolz, Ebuka shared his experiences from the BBNaija show heartily.  One of the most riveting incidents that he shared was the death threats to not just him, but his family as well. "Yeah I received a lot of threats and interestingly, I received a lot from different fans," he admitted. "I received death threats, my wife has recieved death threats, my kids...they recieved death threats."


When asked about Tacha and the possibility of her winning the show, Ebuka spoke with uncertainty of the effect it would have had on BBNaija fans. "Her winning... I really don't know what would have happened, but I feel like it could have been both ways. Extreme joy and extreme sort of like 'what the hell happened'," he said.


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