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Soulja Boy realized his verse on “Remote Control” was removed from Kanye West’s 27-track project, Donda, and has since them been furious, Soulja Boy has been deliberately trolling the G.O.O.D. Music founder all over social media.


On September 1st, he took to instagram, accusing Ye of basically stealing from him.

He said “I got my whole career I’m working on, bitch ass n-gga. Two No. 1 songs. Fuck Kanye, n-gga! What the fuck you talkin’ bout? You a bitch, on god. I know the real you. When I was 16 years old, when you first signed to JAY-Z, you was walkin’ around with a backpack on, lame as fuck. Before Yeezy, before Nike, before adidas, when you first got signed. I know the real you. You weird, n-gga. What the fuck you talkin ’bout n-gga? Pussy ass n-gga. How many times I been at the studio with your ass? If we recording in the muthafuckin’ studio and the songs ain’t coming out, obviously you stealin’ my shit. What the fuck you talkin’ bout bitch ass n-gga? I don’t give a fuck about no Kanye.”


But Soulja Boy might be eating his words soon. According to Consequence, Kanye had intentions of using Soulja Boy’s verse on a deluxe version of Donda, but it seems the “Crank Dat” rapper might regret his reactions. Not long after Soulja Boy’s latest rant, a longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye’s reposted a meme with a man whispering in Soulja Boy’s ear and the words, “Kanye was gonna drop the Remote Control remix on the deluxe,” seemingly confirming another version of the project was in the works.

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