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What kind of song would you like to listen to? Send your requests in on the Sunday Request Show and we will play it for you.


6-7: Introduction of the show. Give a Worldwide shout Out to all listeners outside of Nigeria via social media. Take Song requests via SMS and Social media platforms only
7-8: Sunday Request Show phone lines open. Talk to listeners from all over the world, and play their song requests.
8-9: JUMP UP ZONE- Forget you have work or school the next day. This one hour is for all party animals and turner-uppers. Your favourite smash hit songs that's guaranteed to make you JUMP UP and DANCE!
9-10: The very popular 999Game starts at 9pm. The first 9 callers to get through to Fade after 9pm have exactly 9 seconds to make their song requests, if not they get cut off and the next caller gets a chance to play. Speed is the aim of the game.
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Sundays: 6pm - 11pm
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