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Rapper Sheff G was reportedly arrested on Saturday. According to a tweet from Akademiks, he stated “NY Drill Artist Sheff G arrested for Gun Possession in NYC, he’s remanded and will have to wait for a bond hearing to find out when he’ll be able to bail out. Next court hearing is August 18th.” The rapper was arrested on the scene and charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon and two traffic violations, but his attorney Mitchell Elman stated “We will vigorously defend these charges, I have no further comment at this time.” 


This isn’t the first time Sheff G is getting into trouble with the law, in January he was arrested for illegal possession of a gun after the police caught him with a handgun during a traffic stop. 


In November 2019, Sheff and the late Pop Smoke were banned from Rolling Loud’s New York show by the New York Police Department (NYPD) over “public safety concerns.” He addressed the incident saying “It was sad that they took the opportunity away from us so we could show the world that we bigger than just being in the hood and whatever they think we doing, that’s something that’s going to better our life. So why would you want to stop us from doing that? You want to keep us where we was at before, so it is what it is, but it’s also spiteful shit.”

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