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A psychologist once said that as humans we end up living our life in search of the 3 A’s : Affection, Attention and Acceptance. With Valentine’s day around the corner, we find ourselves expecting gifts from that special someone as a show of affection. We look good and go the extra mile to get this person to pay us some form of attention and for the ladies, we measure the degree of our Val’s attention by the acceptance of the gift amongst our circle. This simply means that gifts that wouldn’t cause us to be envied by others may not rate as a great gift. For guys, it all dwells on Male machismo. Guys seek all 3 A’s too…as they would go to great lengths to get acceptance at a time like this by gifting that special someone with anything that would make this person happy enough to love and hold on for as long as they want.



But then, if we are to measure the level of excitement that comes with Valentine’s day celebration, it makes me want to ask why everyday isn’t Valentine’s day. Going back to the very many historical evidences of various occurrences which have led us to what we know as ‘Valentine’s day,’ one thing stands out…it is all about showing love and heroism as all the versions of the story portrayed Valentine to be someone who believed and practiced love like had not been seen thus his show of heroism as well as affection.



Why then does nobody remember these things? Why are we quick to make it about us when there is an entire world out there lacking affection and needing a hero? Wouldn’t it be nice to do something different for a change in this era of ‘’change’’? Now don’t get this twisted because no one is saying you cannot stick to your status quo of ‘’me and my partner.’’ But instead, I am suggesting twice the elation for the price of one. Simply put, getting more happiness and excitement by doing a little more.



Overtime we know that it is the little things that go a long way in meaning the most. So why not take advantage of the fact that it is on a Tuesday even though nothing speaks romantic like a romantic weekend. Remember that girl in that department that always greets you with a smile and is ever polite, get her a pack of ‘post it notes’. Then you know that guy, that always got your back whether it is supporting your team in whatever they do, or it is being your listening ear when your team leader is being a mood spoiler, get him a pack of pens just to say ‘I appreciate all you have done’.



From the office assistant who ordinarily is old enough to be your older sibling or young enough to be your sweet little sibling, to the new girl who though shy, never fails to say just how well you styled your hair or how your dress is just right on a Monday, to that new guy struggling to get his feet in and literally has no friends, to that colleague that gives you a lift when you need one or that gateman who always throws in Madam, Oga or Aunty when addressing you or the ever cheerful receptionist that always makes your guests feel at home whenever they come visiting, or the cleaner who makes it a point of duty to clean your desk and arrange it with added services like watering your potted plant or ensuring that all sockets are turned off whenever you forget to do the needful, they all could make your list this year. Nothing is too small. It could just be a card, lunch,anything at all and God bless Anonymous for always being willing to give out his name to every and anyone thus you can just sign whatever your gift is with the name ‘Anonymous.’



So look around you this time, love can be expressed in various forms and the simpler the sweeter. So don’t let your Valentuesday go without fulfilling the real Valentine purpose of heroism and affection. You can put a huge smile on someone’s face just by a simple gesture of kindness. Who said you couldn’t provide biscuit and sweets and chocolates at the front office just to break the boredom? Nothing is too small and the crime is not in giving but in not giving…so make the most of it and see just how the happiness of others can turn a day from special to extra special *winks*.



BY Maureen Alasa

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