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Kanye’s Donda album is applauded all over social media, with amazing guest appearances which includes Jay z, The weekend and many more. “Moon” featuring Kid cudi and Don Toliver is also a song winning attention over the internet.


Moon is a spiritual song featuring the humming and signature soothing vocal frequently made by Kid Cudi, and also the distinctly high pitched Toliver. “Sittin’, I sip out my cup/thinkin’ I should be a better me”. The song also gives its listeners a floating feeling as Toliver sings over his verse.


A Twitch livestream on Tuesday September 7 explains to the world how Lil Yachty played a vital role in the collaboration between Kanye West and Kid Cudi. The Atlanta Rapper tells us how his A&R skills and also help from other artist on the Donda album made it possible for him to secure Kid Cudi a spot to be featured on Donda album, “I’ll tell y’all a true story,” Yachty, who appears on the Donda cut “Ok Ok,” said. “So I was on TikTok, right? And when the first listening party happened, they took the excerpt from ‘Moon’ and they played it … Me and everyone in the comments [on TikTok] was like, ‘Damn, man! Kid Cudi would sound great on this!, So I hit up Vory. I said, ‘Vory, man. Cudi gotta get on ‘Moon.” He hit Ye and then Ye got Cudi, he hit Cudi. And that’s how Cudi got on Moon, cause he wasn’t on there originally “Y’all can thank me.”


Kanye West first Donda listening session was on July 23, where “Moon” featuring just Don Toliver was leaked, but was later updated and Kid Cudi verse became part of the project. However, during the final listening session on August 26, Cudi replaced the Sunday Service Choir for a spot on Donda.

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