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Kanye West and Irina Shayk are reportedly still going strong despite a source claiming they were just friends and stating Irina turned down Kanye’s invite to Paris Fashion Week to avoid rumors. 


“She likes him as a friend, but doesn’t want a relationship with him, she doesn’t want the association that they are dating, which is what would have run in the press if she showed up [in Paris with him]. It would have been another month of news saying that they are dating” the source said. 


Although, sources close to the couple have confirmed Kanye and Shayk are still dating, and that they spent the Fourth of July in San Francisco before Kanye left for Paris but he didn’t invite Shayk because it was a short trip. 


Kanye and Irina were first seen together in June when they traveled to France for his 44th birthday and they’ve supposedly been dating for months, although his ex-wife Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February.

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