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Between a very tight work schedule and an even tighter daily schedule, most may have missed the fact that November 19th was International world men's day...yeah, I can see some of us checking our calendars, searching on google for some sort of validation to my statement while there are the ones who are already beating themselves up for not appreciating that special man or men in their life. But hey, here is the big question: Do we actually need a reminder to let it show?


Living is too short a time to let things go unnoticed. The moment the heart stops, there is no going back to fix what was broken, unsay what was spoken, do what was undone or even express a feeling that wasn't expressed. The phrase 'life is too short' is one of the few phrases whose fact is known to everyone regardless of your status. Everyone knows that life is too short so why then do we live like we have more time than there actually is? Why do we live each day like it is a lot more than 24hours or like 24hours is a lifetime?


A simple 'I love you', 'thank you for being there', 'you are the best' may just be all you need to say to that special man in your life whose love and support has overtime, been underestimated or gone unnoticed. A note on his door, would go a long way in showing appreciation. Yes, we know about the economic downslide and so maybe you do not have to get a gift or give grand gestures, all you need is just to let it show.


This is not about me being an unapologetic daddy's girl but do you know that sometimes we fail to acknowledge that bald headed man, who though quiet seems larger than life. The one man who worked so hard to make you earn tittles like 'ajebo', 'daddy's girl', while he deprived himself to ensure that you weren't. Oh yes! You can let him know how much you love him each day, a simple prayer, a simple text, a phone call every now and then, visits when we can, all of these would make a huge difference you know.


I know of that guy, who has always loved you, pimples, blackheads and all. That guy who used a Samsung mini just so he could get you a Retina pro. That one guy who listened to all your whining and still saw something to love when your colleagues all thought you were ill mannered. He even may have gone as far as forever swapping his Friday nights with the guys by staying home with you on such nights watching 'Jenifa's diary'. Look, as long as he knows what 'being on' is ...trust me it is not enough to appreciate him in your heart, you need to let it show!


He is that best friend that comes with amazing benefits *pun intended*. He is your go to person and never fails to have your back when it seems like your girlfriends are AWOL. That one person who gives you his silverware and doesn't feel gross about it, that one person who is just 'your perfect person'. These sort are so not easy to come by. But when they come by, they are a real keeper!



As long as he is an awesome guy by your definition, call it little things, call it kind gestures, call it being nice, a lover, boyfriend, husband, best friend, brother, colleague or just that Boss who though firm, understands when you need a day off for cramps or when you need to call it an early Friday to pick up your kids or plan a bridal shower, he sure needs to have you show him just how much you appreciate all he does.



So yes! I do not do mushy but if being mushy is the only way to make you see the need to just show it, then permit me to go on this long rigmarole of mushiness and I am sure that having you get to this line means you definitely understand what and why you should 'Just show it'...life is indeed too short not to and if for you, this special man isn't around and may never see you show it, don't be discouraged, take out time to do those things that once bound you to this person. Invest in his hobbies, his likes and whatever it was that meant something to him...he sure will wear a smile wherever he is...as long as you look beyond his absence and 'just show it' the best and only way you can.


Taking a cue from my words I just want to say 'I love you' and this piece is my gesture to you...* you know yourselves*...lol! So yeah...mine is done...go do yours...;-)

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