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In a recent interview with BBC 1Xtra, Alicia Keys, spoke up on feminism and the role she has chosen to play in the movement, she urged women to focus more on their wellbeing saying it was time women to stop having to make other people happy and look after themselves instead.


The 35-year-old singer who started her #NoMakeUp movement earlier this year while speaking to Elle UK magazine on its free make-up free edition said “ [I am a feminist because it's about] 'the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of political, social and economic equality……….Whoever isn't [a feminist] is crazy." . The singer admitted she “died laughing” when she heard people referred her new no-makeup stance as a crusade, she however insists it isn’t but explains it took her a while to get this new flawless skin and doesn’t feel tied to expectations about her appearance anymore. The mother of two opened up on her struggle with bad skin and how she overcame it during her first pregnancy through a reduced diary and increased water intake regimen.


Alicia Keys who in addition to her two children is a step-mother to husband Swizz Beatz’s three kids also talked about how complex family life saying she has a very blended and interesting perspective of what family life looks like and  there was no one way or perfect way “each way is different and beautiful” .

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