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After apparently breaking Paris Jackson’s heart almost a decade ago, Zac Efron wants to make amends. Jackson, however, says it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the King of Pop’s daughter told Jimmy Fallon she was heartbroken when she attended a High School Musical concert as a 10-year old and Efron wasn’t there.



At CinemaCon on Tuesday, Efron apologized for the despair he put Jackson through.

“I’ll make sure I’m [there] next time if you come to visit,” he told E! News. “You should come to the Baywatch premiere!”

Jackson was quick to respond to the apology, taking to Twitter on Wednesday to tell the media she was just kidding.

y'aaaaaaallll. it was a joke???? i was like a child. pls chill

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