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So a friend called me to give me the good news! She eventually got the job. Knowing how hard she worked at this particular deal, how many times she got turned down and how many places she had sent the proposal to, I was so happy she eventually did get the job. Now would you permit me to digress a bit, telling you just how it all began.


This particular friend of mine schooled and finished her Youth service like every one of us did. But while we got jobs and moved on, she had her mind set on a different path. Her case is quite unique because unlike most of us who locked our dreams up in a briefcase, halted our pursuit for satisfaction to settle for a close call, she was not going to give up her dreams. Every one of us as friends got jobs but this particular lady. She has had this huge business plan for years and she wasn't going to give it up or settle for less. According to her, she either gets this business started or she gets it started.


Months turned to years and she kept writing proposal after proposal. Yes, at some point she got to invest all of her savings and inheritance on this particular project but for something as huge as she wanted to do, all the wealth she gathered and invested only scratched the surface of the real amount she needed. Now can you imagine the level of joy she experienced when her proposal recently got approved by some International Organization.


Before you begin to ask questions about the relevance of this to today's discussion, can you just trust me enough to come on this soul searching journey with me?


Now I know how many times I have wanted a particular dress enough to either get it off the rack or ask that it be tailor made for me. But then it has taken my friend's breakthrough to let me see life differently. Yes, I have had a couple of dreams come true while still pulling my brief case of unachieved dreams along with the hope of dumping this said brief case in the very near future and I am sure some of us fall in this same category. But the question remains how bad do you want to get rid of the brief case? How much do you want to go through life without having the burden of this extra luggage weigh heavy on your mind?


A dress may have been a tad too petty, but do you remember how much you wanted that car, or that piece of fashion accessory or gadget? Do you remember wanting it so bad that you eventually got it? So the big question here is...If you could want these things so bad and eventually got them, why can't you put your 'wanting' to test? Why can't you go ahead and want something bigger? Whoever said you can want and get a dress but can't want and get to own an IT firm?


It all depends on how much you want it. You've got to want it really bad! Wanting your dreams and ambitions really bad takes a whole lot more. It took this friend of mine years to get hers. It doesn't have to be same for you. But then determination, believe in yourself, hard work, creativity, optimism and of course prayers are tools that would facilitate your journey to that destination of greatness that you aspire.


So just before I get started on my own soul searching journey, applying these tools as a way to get my brief case of unfinished business offloaded, I want to leave you with this simple question ; How bad do you want it?

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