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As young people we need to be very careful about pictures we share. I am not here to school us about poses and all I mean I would be a hypocrite if I did say some of my pictures didn't have a sexy pout at times or a show of hot legs at other times which doesn't classify as nudity though but it does reek 'commercial' regardless.


When I see the picture of an actress, model, an artist, aspiring or renowned, it pretty much explains itself and needs no further introduction as all you need is the personality of the person to know the picture does his/her personality justice.


But then do you know that most especially for the trend hoppers who wait for paces to be set and are quick to hop on the train of a particular trend without asking questions like:


- Does this trend define me?

- Is this in anyway me?

- Can I really evolve to be this person?

- In a few years time would this picture tell the story I want to be told?

It goes beyond using amazing filters to change your eye color and give an unnatural contour to your face. This is about the tale these pictures tell. Do you know how much of your hidden pain can be seen behind each forced smile? do you know your bitterness can be seen just as you flash that perfect set of teeth in a smile? do you even know that all it takes is one posture to change one's perception of you?


Saying 'oh puleezzz' it is my page and all the other bla the bla bladiness that we like to give off every time doesn't quite apply the moment you decide to put up a photograph? Now let us do a little dissecting;


Photo is what it is...without the graph. But then the graph there adds one really technical piece to the photo detail which is the fact that like most graphs, a photo tells a tale. Mathematics scholars as well as Physicists and Geographers too, to mention but a few can attest to the fact that within each plotted graph is a story.


Now ask yourself this : what story did your last dp tell? what tale does your current dp tell? If for some reason your latest upload was picked as a determining factor for your job application, do you think it defines you? I can hear someone whisper 'why so serious'...lol, I can hear another say ' It's not so deep'...lol...But it is!


For all who care to listen sometimes what the world has to remember about you are your photographs. Often times all anyone knows about you are the pictures you upload. More often than not, these photographs are a static representation of who we are and it is stagnant, unmoving and forever lost in a particular moment.


So don't pout when you are not a goofy person, don't try to strike a sexy pose when you know that your prudishness is 100% undiluted, why talk about a fun filled weekend when you know you spent your entire weekend holed up at home reading for an exam?


I know we might want to argue that we want to lift up people's souls with a positive image of ourselves. But then, that is why you have got options;

- use a meme if you don't feel up for it

- use a caption if it does define your state of unhappiness...


But just quit telling a false story...keep it real...project your true self by projecting what you want to project and not the other way round. In every photograph lies a tale untold...please let those who get to read your photograph read exactly what you want them to read. Thus bringing me to say ; You can tow the path of falsehood if that is what you want to project. Just don't go blaming anyone when the trolls come knocking because that is what you have asked for through that photograph as other people have read it like a book and have interpreted just what they got served.


Life is beautiful with social media just...be smart about YOUR PHOTOGRAPH!


By Maureen Alasa

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