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Like it is with a lot of things, ‘’I can’t comman kill myself’’ is one phrase that has caught on like wild fire. I mean from Bank CEOs to school kids, almost everyone within the country uses this phrase now and trust me, I know just how handy this phrase comes in, especially when you find yourself in an exhausting or almost impossible situation.



Being the optimist that I am, I am 95% certain that the originator of this phrase meant it to serve as a self-love statement of putting oneself first and not jeopardising your peace and happiness for anything or anyone.



But what do we have today? Your Boss gives you a task and the moment there is an excuse to abort execution, we quickly do so under the ‘’I can’t comman kill myself’’ guise. Or when your partner cheats on you or is unavoidably absent and you feel the need to do something despicable, you do so while holding strongly to this phrase as a reason behind our action.



Oh, what about spending money on frivolous things simply because you lack foresight or cannot prioritize and you just jump on this so called ‘’I can’t comman kill myself’ ’wagon, something to justify your fool hardiness.



I need not go on about how this phrase has been misconstrued and misrepresented by many just to suit their rather foolhardy actions and inactions. Like the one who uses up his or her data, watching Netflix movies instead of pulling him or herself out of the pit of joblessness they are in, and still leans on the shoulders of the phrase ‘’I can’t comman kill myself’’ to serve as support for yet again his or her foolishness.



Well, here is some good news for you…that thing that you have failed to do because you ‘’can’t coman kill yourself’’ is what others have grabbed and worked hard on, almost killing themselves just so they can accomplish, achieve or attain great heights.



So you cannot come and kill yourself, which is something I quite agree with, but then it is not just a phrase anymore, it is an attitude, one that means quitting most times even before you begin. It is the reason you are stuck in the murky stagnant waters of mediocrity, it is the reason you can never get that dream job or lose that weight or fix your relationship or excel at anything, because truth is while you can’t coman kill yourself, some have decided to be successful or die trying…

Now I’m sure you want to put a knife to its throat right? Then kill the attitude before it ruins you.




By Maureen Alasa



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