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Manchester United fans are yet to recover from the 2-0 defeat to Burnley at Old Trafford on Wednesday. In an interview with BT Sport, Peter Crouch this present squad as "the worst in last 30 years." 


"Look at the options off the bench. It is miles off it. I don't know what a Manchester United player is anymore. Most of the players that Manchester United have bought in the last five years have gone backwards," Crouch commented. 


Apart from Crouch, former Man. United players, Rio Ferdinand and Darren Fletcher also expressed their disappointment towards the Wednesday match. Rio Ferdinand urged the club to "take action" as he described the night as an "embarrassment". 


"I can't defend this. What has been invested?" Ferdinand told BT Sport. "These young kids now in schools around the country, they are not going to be wearing Manchester United shirts. They are not going to be wanting to come here and support Manchester United based on what you are seeing out there. It's just not going to happen, fans are walking out after 84 minutes. It's an embarrassment. People at the top need to look and see this and make changes, put a plan in place that people can sit there and see where we are going now. I don't see it."


Fletcher, on the other hand, expressed worry for the young lads at the club. "At the minute you can see with every setback these youngsters are just sinking," he said BBC Radio 5 Live. "The scrutiny and the pressure that these kids are under - it was difficult for me coming into the team and I was surrounded by world-class players left, right and centre. These lads don't have that support network around them and they are really finding it difficult. It might make a few of them, but at the same time it will probably break a few of them as well, which is really disappointing."

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