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So Rihanna succeeded in redefining the word 'work', making it the sexiest word yet when said in quintuple succession. I mean if you've got it, flaunt it right? Now for those of us who know the Barbadian singer and just how she worked her assets right in the 'Work' video she shot with the Canadian singer Drake, we would know that all she did was just to emphasize the obvious which is the fact that she is one sexy lady.


Enough of the much needed digression, as we dwell on a a few take outs from the work video. Excuse all sexual innuendoes your subconscious may try to conjure and just stick with arousing your intellectual being as I take you on this short and very unique trip, using Rihanna's work video as a wheel.



From the video, it is clear that ;


 Everybody was working, ladies and guys alike but Rihanna was working with purpose. Twerking with the sole aim to please her target (Drake) ...that is PURPOSE


 She wasn't just working her butt off (pun intended) like the rest of the bunch, she had her eyes on her game...FOCUS


 When others were going hay wire stunting and all, she broke from that norm by sticking to easy, sensual steps. Arousing her target yet keeping him glued to her...GOING THE EXTRA MILE


 Rihanna understood just what Drake wanted. He wanted the extra ordinary. The competition seemed pretty intense and so he wanted moves that stood out which she delivered expertly...STUDYING/OBSERVATION


 She caught her target and she didn't stop there, she was RELENTLESS


 Like anyone in that situation, she didn't let over confidence ruin her game, she still did work...work...work...work...work...DILLIGENCE.



Now why not begin another epoch of your life, try applying Rihanna's tactics in tackling life's issues. Try working your way through work, family, relationships and see just how many hits you would get in all your endeavors...Xoxo.



By Maureen Alasa

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