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Wondering what it is about Jurgen Klopp that's got the majority of Liverpool fans drooling before they have even seen him in the flesh? Well his results at Dortmund were stellar but right now it seems his toothy grin is enough reason for optimism. Klopp looks certain to get a rapturous reception when he walks out in front of his new home fans. But which other managers arrived at a top club with this much goodwill in the bank and what happened next?


Luiz Felipe Scolari
Big Phil arrived at Stamford Bridge in as a World Cup winner with Brazil. He'd just finished a six year spell with Portugal who he led to the final of Euro 2004 and the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup. He also sported some of the best tracksuits ever seen. He seemed like the real deal. But within seven months the Chelsea fans were chanting "you don't know what you're doing" and he was duly sacked.
Verdict: Mediocre


Alan Shearer
This truly is a man afforded "walk on water" status in Newcastle. On 1 April 2009 it was announced their favourite son was again coming to the club's rescue in their hour of need. With the club battling relegation, Super Al was parachuted in as manager saying: "It's a club I love and I don't want them to go down. I'll do everything I can to stop that." Eight games later Newcastle were relegated, having picked up five points from a possible 24.
Verdict: Mediocre


Jose Mourinho
Ok before you start asking what hes doing here, we're talking about the current second spell in charge of the Blues here. After leaving the club in 2007, the Chelsea fans pined for his return no matter who else was in the dugout. The Portuguese "special one" returned to the club with a bit more salt 'n' pepper in his hair, but adamant he was in it for the long haul having mellowed since his last time in charge. Turns out that wasn't entirely accurate, as he's been picking up fines for fun at the moment and is rumoured to be struggling to keep his players onside. But despite a horrific start to this season he still won the Premier League title for Chelsea last season, so it's not all bad.
Verdict: Messiah (although his crown is slipping)


Kenny Dalglish

The Liverpool faithful were never particularly taken with Roy Hodgson, who only lasted six months before he was dispatched. In his place returned a true Anfield legend, a man who previously steered the club to three league titles as manager. He led the club to Carling Cup glory and the FA Cup final, but struggled for form in the Premier League. His lowest point arguably came when he appeared in front of cameras wearing an ill fitting T-shirt in support of Luis Suarez, who was accused and later found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra. Dalglish was sacked 15 months after he returned with Liverpool eighth in the table.
Verdict: Mediocre

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