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Thinking about buying a new car, and considering colours? Your choice actually says more about you than you might realise. The list of the UK's favourite new car colours in 2017 shows black (20.3%) is the most popular, taking over from white which slips to third place. This means most of people want to be safe and secure, according to colour psychologist Angela Wright. "It's no surprise black is back in the driving seat.  It's a colour that people can hide behind and it is like a security blanket for people who don't want to make a bold choice," she says.


After black comes grey (19.7%) on the list, and Angela says White or grey colour to represent austerity, hibernation and bad weather. She says the virtual absence of colour is also quite depressing. "If you drive a grey car perhaps you are saving money." White (19%) is in third place, another "chromatic" shade that Angela describes as a neutral and safe option.


The colour blue (16%) tends to be chosen because it is calming, provides logic, clarity and soothes the mind, says Angela. "If you buy blue then you are perhaps unconsciously craving something sensible in your life, and you're more likely to be a more cautious driver," she adds.


Red (9.9%) is the sixth most popular choice. "That'll be the men," says Angela. "It represents strength and power, raises the blood pressure and gets people excited." Only 0.4% of us drive a yellow car. Angela says: "Generally this means you're one of life's great optimists and you're probably a friendly person, too."


Car dealer Arnold Clark says yellow cars are proven to be the safest, purely because they are more visible to other drivers. It also says black cars are up to 47% more likely to be involved in a crash.

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