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A lot of song writers and poets and even motivational speakers keep repeating the lines 'to earn your stripes you have to pay' without really telling us what these stripes are and the actual cost of a stripe. So well, like you I have pondered on this and I have finally found out the real price of a stripe.


I wouldn't leave you guessing this time because it is a simple yet complex 'lifemetic' (life arithmetic). For our scholars out there you would understand when I say that :


A stripe = a constant say x


The cost of X = y (which is a variable).



So assuming your life was operating on the terms of normal lifemetics, that would mean y=x (y is directly proportional to x).
But sometimes, we have aberrations, leading to a case of y=1/x (y being inversely proportional to x).


Lol...I can almost hear you ask... 'what is Maureen going on about?' So I would just go the English way by defining every entity in the phrase.



Now what is a stripe? A stripe could be a literal trophy or figurative trophy. It is anything positive, a form of achievement. Please note that just as our faces are different so are our priorities and levels of ambition. Meaning that what I consider stripe worthy, doesn't necessarily have to be same for you and before I move further, one thing is clear at this point, to everyone is his own stripe!



Now if our stripes vary, why then did the equation above state that a stripe is a constant? Well it so because even though stripes vary amongst individuals, to each individual, his stripe is constant. So if your stripe is to own a bank someday and mine is to own a PR firm someday, I would stick to doing all I can to earn my stripe, while you do all it takes to earn your stripe right?



For those who have gotten this far, you can now agree that because human wants are insatiable, thus the presence of numerous stripes in an individual. That is to say, I could want not just the PR firm, but an art gallery and a hotel and the same goes for you. At this point, you definitely have it all figured out and you would quite agree with me that however high or low your priorities are, however big or small your dreams are, irrespective of how many achievements you strive for, there most certainly is a price.



You might have to pay little for a big stripe, some of us get to have fate laugh with us enough to get such seamless stripe earning journeys. But then, some end up paying a lot more than they should for a stripe that they don't think should have been worth so much. The truth is fate has a mood. Sometimes it laughs, sometimes it smiles and at other times it just winks or gives a frown.



Now the big question is this...'what has your stripe cost you so far?' is your price directly proportional to your stripe or is it inversely proportional? Something to think about right?


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