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In case you missed it #WeWantNoControlAsASingle was been trending worldwide on Wednesday. It's after 23-year-old Anna Franceschi began a campaign to try to get the One Direction track, which appears on their latest album Four, released as a single. She had the idea of a "DIY project", with fans setting a release date and designing their own front cover. Anna can't actually "release" the song herself, for legal reasons. But she's been telling Newsbeat about the "random idea" that started the whole thing off.



"I was on the train on my way back to work listening to music and I thought maybe we should do something because they're not releasing singles at the moment. With all the problems they're going through with one member leaving, we're all quite sad and this two month break in the middle of the tour.  I'm a really big fan... I really love the vibe of their music and I had a random idea." Anna also thought it could help fans show their support for Louis Tomlinson after his trecent row on Twitter with Naughty Boy. The producer accused the singer of using auto-tune, but he's the lead vocal on No Control. "I'm a big fan of Louis'. He's my favourite one," Anna tells us. "I was just trying to make the fandom focus on the music rather than the dramas, because the whole thing was really bad and we didn't like it. Four is such a great album but we feel it was neglected a bit because of all the things that happened. I just wanted the boys to know we support them no matter what and we love the song. And we wanted to show their sound is more mature than most boy bands," she adds.



The track was played this morning on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and Louis Tomlinson has tweeted his appreciation for the campaign. "I heard this morning [Nick] Grimshaw playing it and I was so overwhelmed by this and I'm grateful to Louis for the shout out," Anna says. But she adds: "I really just gave my idea and the fandom made it possible so it's all about the fandom and it's all about the boys. At the end of the day, music is what gathers us together. And the love of music and the love of One Direction is really important to us."



The band's management is not commenting on whether the track could now be officially released. It's unlikely, though, especially as Zayn - who left the band March - features on the track. A single release would also means shooting a new video and finding time to promote it. And it might not be an ideal time for that as the band plans a relaunch and records a new album in Los Angeles.

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