Thanks to social media, ladies have been made out to be the most complex creation of God. This could easily lead to an argument I would rather not delve into today, for the purpose of this piece but then, would you agree with me on the fact that Ladies are real? I mean when it comes to relationships and expressing feelings, ladies never carry last. She says it when she feels it. For the ones who don’t, they would give very clear cut signs to show exactly how they feel about you.



But sadly, our male counterparts don’t seem to be on this same page. It is only a guy who spends years looking for the best way to say ‘I love you’. For a sex affiliated with so much ego, strength and power, you would expect more right? Oh well, I kid you not when I say matters of the heart are to men what kryptonite is to Kal El…lol. So how then do they say I love you if words seem to not to be a strong point for them at times like this?



Oh well, studies have shown that guys may have a huge problem saying the words out loud, or even admitting the words to themselves. But they do leave subtle signs that have become trademarks. Like:

·         When he genuinely listens to you: They have been known to have a short attention span. But the moment you find that one guy listening without getting weary as you blab about various unrelated issues…then yes he may just be in love with you.


·         When he texts and called for…: When a guy starts to call or text you to say nothing in particular then be warned, he is definitely on to something.


·         When he goes all out: So you are having a hang out or you have a planned visit and he pulls all stops even at the most uncomfortable times just to please you because he cares what you think, then this guy loves you.


·         When he gives thoughtful gift: There is a huge difference between buying you expensive jewellery because he can and getting you a wristwatch because he wants to help with your punctuality issues. It is not about the amount in this case but about the thoughtfulness behind the gift.


·         When he cancels plans with the guys: Trust me, if he can do this for you…Ha…it is indeed a huge deal O!


·         When he remembers little details about you: During your very first convo, you mentioned something only to have him remember on your first anniversary…Now that is super cool.


·         When he is protective of you: This is what makes a guy speak up for you when he senses that the conversation is making you uncomfortable, or when he makes excuses for you just to get you out of trouble…not every guy can do that.


Now that’s not all, it could be seen in eye contacts or lingering kisses that say a whole lot more than ‘lets shut the doors’. When he starts to tell you things out of the ordinary, include you in his future plans, seems to be chivalrous then  trust me he is saying a lot more than he is letting on. But in as much as ladies need to understand that all of these signs put together have deeper meanings, it would only be fair if guys are told the cold hard truth so here goes :


‘Don’t just hold our hands and give all of these wordless signs, we want to hear it, watch you say it, we want to see you mean every words of what you say and of course we want to mark our calendars…duh’. So yeah, ladies can be vain like that but it is not your place to judge us…all we ask is indulgence…so please TELL US!


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By Maureen Alasa

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