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It all began when we were made to believe that like Cinderella we would all find cute Princes who would leave the Island girls for the mainland ones, when we were told that our fathers could disapprove our relationships and we could still risk our lives simply because we love the guy, when guys were made to hit the gym just so they could look like Hercules, when men were made to believe that love was more about a pretty face and of cause a troubled soul just so there was some saving to be done.


It began with the animated fact that girls have always tried to steal boyfriends by all means possible even where the glass slippers doesn’t fit, these stories still made some think fighting for love meant hurting your fellow girl or guy just to get the one you love. All of this started with Tom and Jerry making us realize we could frustrate someone else to the point of depression without actually killing them whilst finding consolation in the fact that we didn’t physically hurt them. I hear talks of feminism and I wonder why the world seems to act as though Mulan hadn’t done it first. I mean she took it to a whole different level we are yet to take it to and so feeling very much in the mood for some throw backs, I simply would like to ask who really saw the future?


Nostradamus may have predicted politicism and leaderships but then, there were salient parts of our existence that he failed to see. The parts that confirms the biblical proclamation of the heart of men being desperately wicked, the parts that give us one more reason to love, the part that makes us realize that our sisters can steal our men out of envy, the part that exposes us to the fact that our parents could simply disapprove our relationships on the grounds of tribalism and the fact that people could hate you simply because they see greatness in you.


Call me a 90’s baby, but believe me when I say that Walt Disney saw more of the future we live today than anyone ever did and if you beg to differ, simply revisit cartoons from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, then you would see that long ago it was predicted that; Like Scooby Doo, a great support system is all one really needs to surmount a lot of trials. The world would move past a pretty face and how much you have to what you can offer and how much of a problem solver you are just like Quasimodo the Hunch back of Notre Dame.


Peace and Happiness can be found anywhere and with anyone as long as you stop looking beyond and focus more on looking around you just as Jungle book portrayed. Life would become about loyalty and great friendships regardless of the various many differentials like class and race, like Oliver and Company did show.


There would be lies and there would be a lot of wrongs but every human has a conscience and this conscience could be your guide if only you let it, just as was revealed in Pinocchio. In life, we would have people who may seem very different and “dwarfed” in certain areas in which we are not and if given a chance, these could be the people who would give our lives a new meaning like the dwarfs did for Snow White. Wars and disputes can be resolved and world peace attained when we learn to let love lead, like Pocahuntas was brave enough to show.


Well, look beyond the feeling of nostalgia all of this brings and face the real fact that the real Seer was Walt Disney, the real predictions of what was to come and just how to live in today’s world was long predicted by Walt Disney…but then sadly, we missed it then, thus the reason why some young people seem clueless today. We may have missed it then but we won’t now…Not when we know that Walt Disney is the real “MAN WHO SAW TODAY.”




By Maureen Alasa


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