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Venita was on the show with Nadine, Segun, Osi and Toolz. She shared her shock at being nominated by Mercy and the reception she got when she entered the house. In explaining her her life after the Big Brother house, venita expressed possitivity towards whatever will come after even if she was not sure. "I am feeling positive energy coming this way and it's nice. It feels good. I won't complain."


Being one of the housemates to later join the house, Venita was not shy to talk about the reception she got from both sexes in the house. "You saw when i walked into the house, what womem's instant reaction was, sadly, and what the guys' instant reaction was," Venita explained. She also explained about the lesson she learnt at the Big Brother House. "No matter how much love you may have for people doesn't neccesarily mean you would get it back," she said.

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