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So you find yourself commuting to work this week on a bus, you might want to take certain precautions just so that bus life doesn't ruin your week.



1. CHANGE : Bus conductors and drivers most times seem to be destiny destroyers on a mission to make you ; go late to work and get fired, miss that life changing job interview or even make you miss that future bae. So if you do not want your destiny tampered with, ensure you have notes ranging from 500 naira below, especially 50 naira....one 50 naira note can save your life!



HAND SANITIZER : Ebola may be gone but those who know, know just how much common cold can be a turn off. Nobody boards a bus thinking of the next person but henceforth you will because "You do not have to catch what they have", not to speak of where their hands and money have been. So get a hand sanitizer and ensure it is within reach...that small bottle is a life saver!



POCKET SIZE PERFUME : No, this perfume is not just for you to dab on as soon as you arrive at your destination, it is also for you to breathe. Yes! breathe...because when Mr B.O seats beside you, you need a get away scent, just for the sake of sanity.



FACIAL EXPRESSION : Sir/ Ma'am if you are one who smiles by default, you might want to change that or just get your own car because the bus life isn't for you. "The halitosis" are those neighbors who are attracted to friendly neighbors...but you know they are not the ones to speak to. So to protect yourself, you better be who they refrain from and if that means wearing a frown or "don't you dare" look, then please do...and "The halitosis" would definitely know to keep their opinions to themselves.



5. PRIVACY : The moment you get on a public bus, your privacy has been stripped off you...but then nobody said you can't regain some of it. Nigerians are Nosy by Nature so if you do not want a total stranger in on your business, please go to your phone screen settings and reduce the brightness to be as low as it can be...protect your business from Nigerians!



6. HANDKERCHIEFS/A SCARF/A CARDIGAN : The rains seem to be back...arrrgggghhhh...so any day can be "stain day." Protect your dignity, handkerchiefs to wipe your seat or to wipe a stain off your shoe or shirt or dress would come in handy as well as scarfs and cardigans to simply just "stain proof" your outfit.



7. EARPHONES : God bless the inventor(s). Earphones be saving lives for years now. If you want your peace and sanity while living the bus life, then you need to shuffle your play list, as you would need to plug in for a seamless and peaceful ride.



When not handled properly, that bus life can ruin your day or week. Do not let it!

By Maureen Alasa


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