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Teairra Mari has dropped a  diss track titled “I Ain’t Got It, continuing her fued with 50 Cent.” The Love & Hip Hop star’s new song taunts the G-Unit boss over the $30,000 she owes himfollowing a judge’s ruling in her revenge porn lawsuit.


Before releasing the song, Mari antagonized 50 by sharing a snippet on Instagram. “Hey @50cent hit me ASAP I need you on this Feature..not dropping it till I get your verse I got you,” she wrote. Mari uploaded the track with images of 50 begging on the street and spelling out “broke” with $100 bills.


On the hook, she declares, “Oh you think you getting? I ain’t got it.” For one of the verses, she sings, “I’m taking off like a rocket for 30,000/That’s what y’all loaned/Y’all some lame ass niggas, I’m a Detroit bitch/Fuck these hating ass hoes, tell ’em all get off my dick.”


50 responded to the diss by posting a photo of Mari with the phrase “come dumpster” photoshopped on her mouth. “The courts will get the message your sending with these antics.you little come dumpster,” he added in the caption. Mari fired back, “Aww Curtis! Your ghost writers must be off today! I expected more from you boo!!!!”

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