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Eminem Admits He Had To Learn How To Rap Again After Near-Fatal Drug Overdose In 2007

Although he has now been clean for 12 years, Eminem opened up on how he had to learn to rap again after suffering a near-fatal drug overdose.


The rap icon suffered a near-fatal prescription pill overdose in 2007, which prompted him to successfully seek help. 


In a recent interview, Eminem explained that the overdose meant he was forced to relearn a number of skills, including rapping itself.


Shaggy Opens Up About Refusing To Be On Rihanna's Next Album

Dancehall artiste, Shaggy, has explained why he refused to be part of Rihanna's next album. According to an interview with Daily Star, he opted out after being informed that he had to audition for a spot.  “They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah,” Shaggy told the Daily Star. “There’s a lot of great people involved, but for me, I didn’t need to audition to be on the record, I’ll leave that to younger guys.”


Em Raps On Chris Brown's Assault On Rihanna

An unreleased of part of rap has his revealed his support of Chris Brown came up on Reddit over the weekend. This was a reference to Brown’s 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna.


In the brief clip titled SNIPPET Eminem – Things Get Worse (Rihanna Diss) Em in his rap believed he would have done the same if he was in his shoes. “Of course I side with Chris Brown/I’d beat a bitch down too.”